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Welcome to the enchanting world of TWO CUBS, where curiosity carves paths to wondrous adventures and every query unveils deeper understanding. We've meticulously chartered answers to your questions, crafting a compass that guides your journey with us.


How Can I Participate in the Second Life Programme?

Join our sustainable narrative by contributing your pre-loved TWO CUBS items. Discover more on our Second Life page about how these items continue their tales with new adventurers or through responsible recycling, and earn a 20% discount on future purchases.

What Eco-Friendly Practices Define TWO CUBS Products?

Our journey is guided by sustainability. Our products, crafted from 100% recyclable DuPont™ Tyvek®, are our pledges to the planet, ensuring your adventures tread lightly on the earth. Learn more on our page DuPont™ Tyvek®

Guidelines for Caring for My TWO CUBS Product?

Keep your TWO CUBS companion in prime condition by gently wiping it clean, ensuring it’s ready for countless future adventures.

Ordering and Shipping

What's the Process for Returns or Exchanges?

Should a TWO CUBS creation not align with your expectations, we will navigate you through a seamless return or exchange process within 14 days of receipt. Detailed instructions and conditions are available on our Refund and Return Policy page.

Navigating Shipping Options and Times

Set sail with Australian Post's dependable services, with orders typically embarking within 1-2 business days. Remember, the tides of shipping can vary during peak seasons. Detailed information is available on our Shipping policy page.

How Does International Shipping Work?

Our adventures extend globally, with international shipping available. Be mindful that shipping costs and duties are the responsibility of our international explorers. Detailed information is available on our Shipping policy page.

Which Payment Methods Can I Use?

We welcome a variety of payment methods, including all major credit cards, Paypal, and Afterpay, ensuring your checkout is as smooth as your adventures.

Can I Adjust My Order in the Cart?

Yes! Tailor your cart’s contents to match your adventure’s needs, ensuring your gear is just right for your journey.

Confirmation of Order Receipt and Processing

A confirmation email will navigate you through your purchase details. If it doesn't reach you, our crew is ready to assist; just visit our Contact Us page for more information.

Availability of Products

We strive to keep the shelves of our adventure emporium stocked for your journey. However, there are times when certain treasures may temporarily be out of reach. Keep an eye on our product pages and use the wishlist feature for up-to-date availability first. Add your coveted item to your wishlist, and we'll send an email straight to your inbox the moment it returns to our stock.

Changing or Cancelling Your Order

If your plans change, reach out to us to cancel your order, provided it's not already on its journey.

Returns on Sale Items

Our sale items follow our Refund and Return policy, with the exception of Second Life programme pieces.

Tracking Your Order

Monitor your order’s journey via your TWO CUBS account. If your order's timeline diverges from our estimated time frames, contact us for a swift resolution.

Privacy and Security in Your Journey with Us

We prioritise your security by collecting only essential information and not storing sensitive payment details. Our Privacy Policy outlines our commitment to your data’s safety.

Embark on your adventure with TWO CUBS, where each query is an opportunity for discovery and every answer is a step towards a world filled with sustainable adventures and unforgettable family moments. For any further questions, our doors are always open, ready to guide you on your path of exploration with TWO CUBS.