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Wholesale Enquiries

Embark on a Wholesale Adventure with TWO CUBS

Greetings, Fellow Explorers of Commerce! In the world of TWO CUBS, we weave tales not just for individual families but also for fellow merchants who share our spirit of adventure and commitment to quality and sustainability.

Join Our Expedition as a Wholesale Partner

If your paths align with ours – a journey filled with curiosity, creativity, and care for the planet – we invite you to join our wholesale family. Our products, crafted with the magic of DuPont™ Tyvek® and imbued with a spirit of exploration, are perfect for stores that wish to offer their customers something beyond the ordinary – a blend of durability, eco-consciousness, and imaginative design.

Why Partner with TWO CUBS?

Quality and Sustainability: Share our commitment to products that not only delight but also respect our planet.

Unique Offerings: Stand out with our innovative and environmentally friendly backpacks, bags, and accessories that tell a story with every use.

Adventure in Retail: Bring a sense of exploration and wonder to your shelves, offering your customers a brand that’s all about creating memorable family experiences.

Embarking on Your Wholesale Journey

To begin your wholesale voyage with TWO CUBS:

Reach Out: Send us a message at wholesale@twocubs.com.au with the subject line 'Wholesale Enquiry'. Tell us a little about your store, your journey, and how TWO CUBS could be a part of it. Alternatively, fill in the form below.

Discovery Call: We'll set sail on a conversation to explore how we can best navigate this journey together.

We’re here to ensure our partnership is as fruitful and enjoyable as your customers’ adventures.

At TWO CUBS, we believe every partnership is a new chapter in our story, a chance to spread the joy of discovery and the ethos of sustainability further. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, spreading the spirit of adventure to families and explorers across the globe. Welcome aboard!

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