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Second life

In the vibrant world of TWO CUBS, our journey doesn’t just end with the creation of products; it evolves into a continuous cycle of sustainability and renewal. Our Second Life programme is a testament to our dedication to minimising waste and championing the circular economy.

Second Life: Reviving Stories, Sustaining the Future

Each item in our Second Life collection is a chapter from another family’s adventure, ready to be cherished anew. Shop our exclusive range of pre-loved TWO CUBS pieces, each with its own tale and timeless durability, on our website. Our Second Life initiative is not just a programme; it’s a commitment to ensuring our products live on, journeying from one family to another.

How the Second Life Cycle Unfolds

Return: Contribute your cherished TWO CUBS items to our Second Life program. In return for joining this sustainable venture, enjoy a 20% discount on your next purchase as our expression of gratitude for your commitment to the planet.

Recycle: Items that have journeyed to their last chapter are thoughtfully recycled through our partner, closing the loop in our sustainable narrative.

Contribute to the Cycle

Participating is as easy as the wind in your sails:

Send Your Contributions: Send your pre-loved TWO CUBS items via post, complete with a free shipping label.

Rewards of Recycling: For each contribution, receive a 20% discount on your next TWO CUBS adventure, valid for 90 days.

Navigating Second Life FAQs

How Can I Join the Voyage of Second Life?

Embark on a sustainable journey with us by returning your cherished TWO CUBS items. Use our straightforward online process to generate a free shipping label and set your contributions on their path back to us.

What Happens in the Recycle Chapter of Second Life?

Every item in the TWO CUBS family has its own story. We welcome all pre-loved items, ushering them into our Second Life capsule collections if they're ready for more adventures, or thoughtfully recycling them through our Australian partner when they've reached their tale's end.

What Rewards Await Me in the Second Life Programme?

As our way of thanking you for embracing sustainability, enjoy a 20% discount on your next TWO CUBS purchase with each contribution, valid for 90 days. It's our way of celebrating your commitment to our circular journey.

Can I Return My Second Life Purchase if the Story Doesn't Align?

Our Second Life collection items are final sale, each with its own unique narrative. If your Second Life item's story diverges from yours, you're welcome to re-contribute it to our Second Life programme, continuing its sustainable tale.

How Can International Adventurers Contribute to Second Life?

While our global TWO CUBS family is warmly invited to contribute, please note that international shipping costs for returns are not covered at this time. Your participation remains a cherished part of our global commitment to sustainability.

What Else Can I Do to Extend the Life of My TWO CUBS Items?

The journey of your TWO CUBS items can be lengthened with a few simple, everyday practices. Adhere to our care instructions to maintain their pristine condition, mend small imperfections to keep them adventure-ready, and consider donating or reselling pieces that no longer accompany you on your journeys. Embrace circular practices like our Second Life programme to ensure that the story of your items continues, contributing to a world where every product is treasured and nothing is wasted.

Join us in this narrative of sustainability and care, where every action, big or small, contributes to a future where adventures are endless and our impact on the planet is minimal. Your role in the Second Life programme is more than a contribution; it's a chapter in a larger story of environmental stewardship and mindful living.