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Easter Gifts Ideas for Kids

Easter Gifts Ideas for Kids

Easter Gifts Ideas for Kids

Easter provides a wonderful opportunity for families to come together, create new memories, and celebrate with thoughtful gifts that go beyond the traditional chocolate eggs. In 2024, as we become increasingly aware of our environmental footprint, choosing sustainable and non-chocolate Easter gifts can contribute to a greener world while still bringing joy to our children. Additionally, with the long Easter weekend, many families seize the chance for a short getaway, making it the perfect time to gear up with eco-friendly travel accessories from TWO CUBS.

Sustainable and Non-Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas:

  1. Plant a Mini Garden: Encourage your children's green thumbs by gifting them their mini garden kit. Whether it’s a flower, herb, or vegetable kit, gardening is a wonderful way for kids to learn about nature and the environment. Plus, it's a gift that keeps on giving as they watch their plants grow.
  2. Eco-Friendly Art Supplies: Instead of traditional chocolates, fill your kids’ Easter baskets with eco-friendly art supplies. Water-based paints, recycled paper, and natural clay can provide hours of creative fun. Pair these with TWO CUBS's Crafty Curls for an ultimate arts and crafts session, promoting both creativity and environmental responsibility.
  3. Reusable Water Bottles or Cups: Personalised, kid-friendly reusable water bottles or cups make excellent Easter gifts. They’re perfect for family outings or trips, and they help reduce plastic waste. Pack these in your TWO CUBS Safari Kids Travel Backpack, ensuring your kids stay hydrated while on the go.
  4. Sustainable Fashion Items: Consider eco-friendly clothing or accessories made from organic or recycled materials. A durable, stylish hat or a pair of sunglasses can be both practical and thoughtful gifts, ideal for family trips during the Easter holidays.
  5. Educational Eco Games and Puzzles: Choose games and puzzles that educate children about the environment, wildlife, and sustainability. These can be both fun and informative, making them perfect for family game time during your Easter getaway.

Easter Weekend Getaway with TWO CUBS:

The long Easter weekend is a perfect occasion for a family excursion. Whether you’re heading to the beach, exploring the countryside, or enjoying a city break, TWO CUBS’s eco-friendly travel products ensure your journey is both enjoyable and sustainable.

  • Kids Travel Backpack: Spacious, durable, and water-resistant, these backpacks are ideal for holding all your child's essentials. The included activity kit will keep them entertained, reducing the need for electronic devices during the trip.
  • Wet Bags: Don't let the mess spoil your holiday fun. Our Wet Bags are perfect for storing wet swimsuits or muddy clothes, ensuring the rest of your belongings stay clean and dry.
  • Crafty Curls: Long car rides or flights can be challenging with kids. Crafty Curls offer a creative and mess-free way to keep them engaged, fostering their imagination while developing fine motor skills.

This Easter, opt for gifts that not only delight but also encourage sustainable living and enrich your family's travel experiences.

Visit TWO CUBS to discover our full range of eco-friendly travel accessories, and make your Easter 2024 holiday memorable for all the right reasons.