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10 Creative School Holiday Activities for Family Trips to Keep Your Kids Engaged Without Screens

10 Creative School Holiday Activities for Family Trips to Keep Your Kids Engaged Without Screens

10 Creative School Holiday Activities for Family Trips to Keep Your Kids Engaged Without Screens

Family trips during the school holidays offer a golden opportunity to explore, learn, and create together. Keeping kids engaged without defaulting to screens is a common challenge, but TWO CUBS rises to the occasion with eco-friendly, travel-friendly solutions. From our Crafty Curls to our activity-packed backpacks, we ensure that your family's travel experiences are not only fun but also enriching. Here are ten creative activities that utilise TWO CUBS products, perfect for your next family adventure.

1. Interactive Travel Journaling

Encourage your children to document their journey in the TWO CUBS notebook, embellishing their stories with Crafty Curls for added creativity. This combination allows for a tactile and visual recounting of their adventures, making every page a memorable one.

2. Design and Navigate Your Day

With the activity book and crayons from their TWO CUBS backpack, children can colour and plan out the day's adventures. Using Crafty Curls to mark routes and attractions engages them in interactive and educational travel planning.

3. DIY Postcards

Using pages from their TWO CUBS notebook, kids can create unique postcards to send to friends and family. They can decorate these with drawings made with the crayons provided and add textures or patterns with Crafty Curls, making each postcard a personal piece of art.

4. Nature Bingo

Create a bingo card in the notebook based on things to see or find in nature during your trip. This activity not only encourages kids to observe their surroundings closely but also adds an educational twist to your adventure.

5. Landmark Memory Book

After visiting landmarks, kids can create their representations using Crafty Curls. Back at the hotel or campsite, they can use the crayons and notebook from their TWO CUBS backpack to document and describe each sculpture, combining art with writing.

6. Personalised Backpacks

Let your kids personalise their TWO CUBS backpacks with Crafty Curls, creating designs that reflect their travels. It’s a fun way to make their travel gear unique and a creative activity for downtime.

7. Local Cuisine Creations

Inspire your children to document and draw the new foods they try on their travels in a notebook and recreate them using Crafty Curls. This fun activity teaches them about different cultures and cuisines in an engaging, hands-on way.

8. Souvenir Storytelling

For each souvenir collected, have your kids write a story in their notebook, detailing the adventure behind acquiring it. They can also create accompanying scenes or characters with Crafty Curls, adding depth and imagination to their souvenirs.

9. Scenic Window Art

Encourage your kids to use their notebooks to draw scenes viewed from the car or train windows, adding elements with Crafty Curls to bring texture and depth. This artistic activity captures fleeting moments in a creative and lasting way.

10. Treasure Map Making

Encourage your children to design their adventure maps in their notebooks, drawing inspiration from the landscapes and landmarks encountered during your travels. They can use crayons for sketching the journey and Crafty Curls for adding dimensional features like mountains, rivers, and treasure spots. This creative task not only fuels their imagination but also serves as a fun recap of the places they’ve explored, transforming each day's experiences into an interactive adventure story.

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