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A group of children engaged in creative play with TWO CUBS travel kits and Crafty Curls on a colourful background, surrounded by Easter-themed drawings and crafts, showcasing the joy and engagement of educational activities during travel.

Easter Activities for Kids on the Go

Easter Activities for Kids on the Go

Easter is the perfect season for family travel and crafting memorable experiences. With TWO CUBS' innovative products, parents can ensure their children's travel time is filled with creative, engaging, and educational activities. Here's how to make the most of your family adventures with TWO CUBS Crafty Curls and Activity Kits:

Crafty Curls Easter Art 

Utilise Crafty Curls for hands-on art projects like Easter egg decorations and bunny shapes. These wax-coated yarn sticks are perfect for crafting without mess and are ideal for car rides or flights.

Educational Journey with Activity Kits

Engage your children with the TWO CUBS activity kits, which include colouring books, crayons, and stickers. These kits not only entertain but also provide educational value, keeping young minds busy and learning.

Storytelling with Crafty Curls 

Encourage your children to create their own Easter stories using figures made from Crafty Curls. This activity fosters creativity and storytelling skills, making long trips more enjoyable.

Nature-inspired crafts

While on a nature walk, use Crafty Curls to replicate flowers, leaves, or animals seen during your outing. This encourages observation skills and appreciation for nature.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Emphasise sustainability by using TWO CUBS' eco-friendly products. Teach your children about the importance of environmental responsibility while crafting and travelling.

Family Bonding Time

Use the quiet moments of travel to bond over craft activities. Share stories about Easter traditions and create new ones with the crafts you make.

Creative Challenges

Set up fun crafting challenges for your children with specific themes or items to create using Crafty Curls. This keeps the activities dynamic and engaging.

Incorporating these creative activities into your family's travel plans will ensure a memorable and educational Easter holiday. With TWO CUBS Crafty Curls and Activity Kits, parents can provide their children with eco-friendly, engaging, and educational travel experiences.

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